zencontrol Release New DALI Wireless Components

zencontrol have just released a sneak peak of some of their new wireless control products. 

Built using the only IEC standard for wireless lighting control IEC62386-104, this standard allows for standard DALI messages to be transported over wireless infrastructure. 

Using Thread as the transport layer, which is based on the universally supported Internet Protocol (IP), and built using open and proven standards.

Thread offers:

  • Simplicity: Simple installation, start-up, and operation
  • Security: All devices in a Thread network are authenticated and all communications are encrypted
  • Reliability: Self-healing mesh networking, with no single point of failure, and spread-spectrum techniques to provide immunity to interference
  • Efficiency: Low power Thread devices can sleep and operate using very little power.
  • Scalability: Thread networks can scale up to hundreds of devices. Connect multiple networks together to scale across a building.

Available for delivery within the next 3 months, the initial product offering will include:

  • wireless application controller (a DALI controller for wireless devices).
  • A wireless Bridge that can turn any standard DALI or D4i fitting into a wireless fitting.
  • Wireless sensors, including a multi sensor for C02, VOC, Sound, Temp, Humidity, light level and movement (PIR & microwave). 
  • Wireless emergency fittings and emergency control gear available for third party manufacturers.

The zencontrol wireless products are built using the full DALI protocol, so wired, wireless and hybrid systems will work seamlessly together and will be able to utilise the full features of the DALI protocol.

Hybrid Wired and Wireless system

To learn more about the new wireless range or how to best implement into a project, please contact us.

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