Servodan 700 Series Presence Detectors

The new generation, Servodan 700 Series Presence Detectors are based on the very successful design of the well known 300 series with even more functionality and improved styling. Featuring a triple element PIR design and high density lens the 700 series are incredibly accurate and sensitive to small movements while have a very large coverage pattern

The Servodan 700 Series Presence Detectors are currently available in a number of variants with more models to follow in the near future.


  • Master and slave units available for large areas.
  • Adjustable time delay of up to 60 minutes.
  • Can work in conjunction with a momentary switch for manual control.
  • Settings can be adjusted at the sensor or with optional remote control.
  • IP54 protection as standard.
  • Models include 1 or 2 channels, flush or surface mount, high mount DALI & KNX versions.
  • Potential free relay contacts on all channels meaning multiple supplies can be used.
  • Large coverage pattern while still capable of detecting very small motion.
  • Easily adjustable via on board dip switches or with an optional remote control.
  • Can be used to control lighting and HVAC in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, library’s etc.
  • Very high quality with 5 year return to base warranty.

Servodan 700 Series Presence Detectors - Top                         Servodan 700 Series Presence Detectors - Side

Data Sheets

41-700/701 Single Channel Master Units

41-702/703 Slave Units

41-721 Two Channel Unit

41-771 High Mount Master Unit

41-773 High Mount Slave Unit