Servodan 41-400 PIR Presence Detector

Featuring an elegant and low profile design and a 7mtr diameter coverage area the Servodan 41-400 PIR Presence Detector has the ability to sense small movements and is perfect for small areas such as offices, hallways, water closets, store rooms and etc .


  • Presence Detector capable of detecting small motion (e.g. people working at their desks).
  • Built in PE cell to keep lighting off when there is enough natural light.
  • Manual on / Auto off or Auto on Auto off.
  • Simple 240V Connection.
  • Simple programming via IR remote.
  • Adjustable time delay and lux level.

SERVODAN 41-400 PIR PRESENCE DETECTOR - Side                                     SERVODAN 41-400 PIR PRESENCE DETECTOR - Angle


41-400 230v Data Sheet

41-920 Remote Data Sheet


41-400 230v Instructions


41-920 Remote Instructions