Servodan 41-300 Presence Detector

The Servodan 41-300 Presence Detector features a triple element design that is uniquely positioned for maximum sensitivity while still providing a 20mtr coverage pattern, this series of sensor is ideal for general commercial areas where you need a quality sensor that will detect small movements in a space but is also robust and reliable.


  • Triple element sensor for accurate occupant detection.
  • 618 segment fresnel lens for precise coverage.
  • 230v & low voltage versions available.
  • Surface mount for simple installation.
  • Perfect for car parks,  meeting rooms, offices, lunch rooms, class rooms and etc.


Servodan 41-300 Presence Detector - Side



41-300 / 320 1 & 2 Channel Data Sheet.

41-351 1-10v Data Sheet.


41-300 / 320 1 & 2 Channel Instructions.

41-351 1-10v Instructions.