Dynalite Antumbra Keypads

Philips Dynalite introduces the Antumbra Panel Series with unique features and has paved the way forward for the way a user interacts with the user interface.
Antumbra redefines the pre-conceptions of what a user interface keypad or panel can be and the way the user can intuitively interact with it to control the lighting system.
Antumbra Panel series has been designed to suit both residential and commercial markets.
The Antumbra Panel range has 3 types of panels:
  • Antumbra Button
  • Antumbra Display
  • Antumbra Touch
Each button on the Antumbra panel can be configured using the EnvisionProject commissioning software to perform a vast range of functions.
The contemporary design of Antumbra panel incorporates multiple sensors that are used to perform advanced functions like light sensing and temperature sensing.
The Antumbra Button panel consists of three sensors.
  • Proximity sensor
The Proximity sensor utilizes capacitive field effect technology to detect a user when the user approaches the panel and activates a light wash onto the wall around the panel welcoming the user  towards the panel.
  • Ambient light sensor
The Ambient light sensor senses the ambient light condition around the panel and can be used to automatically adjust the LED and light wash brightness of the panel.
  • Temperature sensor
The temperature sensor is used to determine the temperature of the room where the panel is mounted.
The Antumbra Panel series is one of the most flexible user interface solution available in the market. The advanced flexibility is from the panel being divided into two components namely the Dynet Antumbra Communication Module and Antumbra Application Module. The two components come together to form the solution for the Antumbra Panel series.
Antumbra Keypad can be created using the online Antumbra Keypad Configurator.