DIMLITE Single DALI / DSI Control Unit

The DIMLITE single is used for controlling up to 25 DALI or DSI compatible ballasts. Single or dual momentary-action switches can be used to operate all ballasts simultaneously in broadcast mode requiring no addressing of the ballasts. In addition another momentary contact can be used to save and recall a particular lighting scene. A standard motion detector can be integrated directly with the unit and can be set for three different operating modes ON+OFF, only OFF or corridor mode where the unit will switch between 10% and 100% based on occupancy in the space. Alternatively the Sensor input can be used with another momentary switch to enable a stairway function turning the unit into a run on timed switch.

  • For single or double momentary-action switch control of up to 25 DSI or DALI compatible ballasts
  • DALI or DSI operation
  • ON / OFF / dimming (1–100 %)
  • Easily integrates with standard 230v motion sensor
  • Install in luminaire or ceiling void with plug-on strain relief (included)
  • No specialist programming required