DIMLITE Multifunction 2 Channel

The DIMLITE 2 channel unit is used for controlling up to two separate groups of DSI or DALI ballasts. Single or dual momentary-action switches can be used to switch on and off and dim each channel up and down. In addition another momentary contact can be added to recall a particular lighting scene. A standard 230v motion detector can be integrated directly with the unit and can be set for three different operating modes ON+OFF, only OFF or corridor mode where the unit will switch between 10% and 100% based on occupancy in the space. Alternatively the Sensor input can be used with another momentary switch to enable a stairway function turning the unit into a run on timed switch.

  • For single or double momentary-action switch control of up to 50 DSI or 25 DALI compatible ballasts per channel
  • DALI or DSI operation
  • ON / OFF / dimming (1–100 %)
  • Easily integrates with standard 230v motion sensor
  • Additional DALI movement sensors, daylight sensors, input devices and control panels can be added to further expand functionality
  • No specialist programming required