Aquatel Wireless Tank Unit – M107-BT

Aquatel Wireless Tank Unit – M107-BT


The M107-BT by Aquatel is a wireless tank level monitor and controller. It is the updated model of the well established M107, and has been refined with additional features such as longer range 920MHz frequency, blue backlit display and irrigation timer function.

The Tank Unit can transmit the level of the tank to the Display Unit over a distance of 300m with the standard antenna (all distances are for straight line of sight applications). Depending on the settings of the Display Unit (set up for keeping a water tank full, or an effluent tank empty), the Display Unit will send a wireless trigger command to the Pump Unit to start or stop the pump. The water tank (with the Tank Unit), Display Unit and Pump Unit can each be up to 300m away from one another, or up to 1.6km when using the long range antenna AQ920-7 (available as an option).





  • Automatically turns on a pump to maintain the liquid level (for either tank emptying or tank filling), as well as irrigation timer function
  • Monitor the level in your tank from up to 300m away (or 1.6km with long range antenna)
  • Rapid water loss or level rise alarm
  • Many uses: for water tanks, molasses, oil, diesel or septic/effluent systems, etc.
  • No need for wires or trenching – powered by economical AA batteries, which can last up to 2 years
  • Works on tanks between 10cm and 4m high
  • Simple DIY installation – no need to set float switches – just drill a hole and secure tank monitor on top of each tank
  • Display Unit also features irrigation timer status, current time, inside and outside temperature, time to next reading level, and signal strength of both Tank Unit and Pump Unit


How it works

The Tank Unit is mounted on the top surface of the tank and uses ultrasonic signals to detect the fluid level inside. This is then wirelessly transmitted through the Control Unit and onto the Display Unit. The Display Unit displays the fluid level and system status on the LCD screen. The Display Unit is also used for setting the system settings such as level thresholds. This is sent back to the Control Unit to switch the pump or valve on and off depending on the tank level.


Package includes

  • Display Unit (to place your desired location inside your house – no wiring necessary)
  • Tank Unit (to bolt on top of your water tank)
  • Pump Unit (to connect to your pump or irrigation solenoid)

Display Unit Features

  • Antenna: PCB Loop Antenna
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries (supplied)
  • Can be used with 6V power adaptor (optional)

Tank Unit Features

  • Use on any non-flammable fluid (water, diesel, septic)
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries (supplied)


Pump Unit Features

  • Maximum switch current of 15A 230VAC
  • Operates on 12V DC – perfect for remote solar powered applications… Yes we can supply a mini-solar power system for this M107-BT unit – contact us for details.
    Also available in 24V AC and 230V AC – please contact us for availability/lead time

The maximum operating range between the Display and Tank units depends primarily on the terrain and obstacles that the radio beam has to pass through/over. Hilly terrain and/or buildings my mean that the range is as low as 200-500m even with the AQ920-7 antenna.


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