Aquatel 3.6m Antenna Extension Cable – AQC36

Aquatel 3.6m Antenna Extension Cable – AQC36 – suits D110, T110 & M107-BT


The AQC36 is a 3.6m antenna extension cable that allows the Display Unit to sit inside the house or office, while the antenna is mounted outside with better reception of the Tank Unit (and Pump Unit, in the case of the M107-BT).

If your Display Unit has insufficient signal strength/reception inside your house/office, then try using the Display Unit just outside your office or where you’d like to put the Display Unit in your home. If the Display Unit works there, then consider purchasing this AQC36 extension cable, and simply relocate the existing antenna to outside you home/office. If the Display Unit still does not have sufficient signal strength, then consider the long range antenna (AQ920-7), which comes complete with the 3.6m extension cable. Alternatively, this AQC36 extension cable and Medium Range (AQ930) Omni-Directional antenna may also work.

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