Philips Dynalite Launch New Control Panels

4/12/12 – Philips Dynalite Launch First Instalment of Antumbra Control Panels!


Philips Dynalite has just launched their first instalment of their all new Antumbra control panel range.

The Antumbra range will be released in three stages and will consist of three types of panels named:

  • Antumbra Button
  • Antumbra Display
  • Antumbra Touch

This first instalment, Antumbra Button, features a range of styling options to suit a range of decors and will be available from January 2013 in both euro and Australian sizing.

Antumbra Display and Antumbra Touch will follow later next year.

Below you can download the Introduction Brochure and associated data sheet.

Introduction Brochure

Data Sheet

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