Servodan Lighting Controls

Servodan Presence detectors and daylight controls.

Smartscape Automation is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Servodan, a Danish company that has been a leader in stand-alone lighting controls for over 50 Years. Focusing on durability, reliability and ease of use, Servodan produce a high quality product that is second to none.

Featuring a very large range of products, Servodan have you covered for every application.

When talking Presence Detectors, Servodan users sensor technology made specifically to be sensitive to small motion, as is common in offices and etc. This therefore making them the perfect choice for your project where you need accurate occupancy detection with maximum energy savings.

You only need to pull one of these sensors apart to see how much has gone into them and you will realize what makes them different from the rest. Sophisticated electronics, multi element sensing designs, fast micro processors and incredibly dense multi segment lenses truly sets them apart.


When looking at the Servodan Daylight controls, they offer everything from a simple daylight switch right through to sophisticated multi zone daylight harvesting controls. These are made to be simple to install and simple to program without the need of a specialist programmer.

Servodan Daylight Control

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A little bit more about Servodan, although they are a company founded in Denmark in 2013 they were acquired by the Belgian Niko Group. The Niko group offers modern electrical installations that provide comfort, control and efficiency in a comfortable way. Niko Group is a family owned holding company operated from Belgium with companies in Denmark, Sweden, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. The Group employs more than 620 people and has an annual turnover of more than 130 million Euros.

Servodan is participating in various networks, seeking to improve our climate, reduce energy and create sustainable solutions.

For more information visit the Servodan website Here.