New DALI-2 Smart Sensor with on Board Relay


As part of a an extensive new range of DALI-2 sensors being released, zencontrol’s new DALI-2 Sensor with on board DALI relay opens up a world of possibilities.

When non DALI loads need to be controlled it is now simple to have these loads switched using the relay on a nearby sensor, no longer requiring the use of DB mounted relays and the running of switched wires all the way back to the DB.

A common example would be in classrooms where there may be dimmable DALI fittings in the main area with switched lighting over a whiteboard or etc.

Another use would be for areas that are often left off the system due to the fact that they may only have switched lighting and the perceived extra cost to add them to the overall system, e.g. back of house areas, amenities etc.

Instead of using standalone sensors in these areas a system sensor with onboard relay can be used at a very similar cost with the added benefit of now making them part of the overall system. Manual switch overrides are also very simple to add directly to the sensor.


Just like installing any standalone sensor, it is connected to a 240v source and has a relay on board to switch the local load.

The sensor then simply connects to the rest of the system via a standard DALI twin (wireless options also available) and it is now fully part of the overall system and can be programmed for whatever functionality you require. 

DALI Sensor with Relay
Standard version with relay shown, other models with volt free relay and switch inputs also available

Key Benefits:

  • No extra board space required to add a relay to the system
  • Relay is independent and can be controlled separately from the sensor by any other system device.
  • Cost effective to add relay control to a space for non DALI loads
  • Push button switches can easily be added
  • Have full system control of spaces that would usually be left out.

For more details on this sensor please check our product page here or feel free to contact us to discuss further possible applications.