How do you choose your Lighting Control?

When choosing a lighting control system for your project how do you choose which one you will use? Do you base your decisions solely on the brand of the system and hope you get a supplier/integrator that knows what they are doing?

After all what makes a great system? Some systems are hands down better than others, however in the 20 years that we have been in business we have seen good quality systems made to look very ordinary and some below par systems made to work quite well.

So what’s more important? The brand or the people? Maybe a combination of both? Obviously having great people involved with a great brand should be the first preference.

If you are an engineer/designer that is specifying a lighting control system do you know who you will be getting to actually do the job? If you leave this sort of decision up to other people in the chain can you guarantee the expected outcome for your client?  There will always be someone that can do it for cheaper but can you rely on them to be there when expectations have not been met?

When you partner with Smartscape to design a lighting control system, you can guarantee that our first priority will be to deliver what we have designed together, to ensure you and your client are satisfied and if technical issues arise (as they often do on complex projects) we will be there until the end to help find a solution regardless of who is at fault.

Smartscape have completed thousands of successful projects, we have a full team of staff including a team of sales engineers with engineering and electrical backgrounds, a separate team of commissioning engineers (all qualified electricians) and a team of admin staff to ensure your project can be supported from conception all the way to completion.

We have partnered with some of the world’s best lighting control brands and have a full suite of solutions to suit any budget or application. We are constantly reviewing new technologies both here in Australia and globally and are well placed to give advice and support any project you may have.

Make Smartscape your first choice for any lighting control project.