Ex-Or MLS Lighting Control System

MLS2000 Sensor

The System Explained

The Ex-Or MLS Lighting Control System provides a flexible and simple building wide control system that is easy to install and very easy to program. The system is suitable for all scales of projects and can deliver advanced functionality at a fraction of the price of a conventional networked lighting control system, without the usual headaches.

The Ex-Or MLS system is based around its fantastic quality HD digital occupancy sensors that ensure accurate monitoring of a space for both presence detection and light level control.



The Ex-Or MLS sensors are as simple to install as any common 230v sensor and these sensors actually do the physical control of the load, so there is no need to have large electrical cupboards to house all the lighting control equipment that you would normally need with other similar systems. As well as the usual terminals on the sensor you will also find an additional two connection points for a simple two wire bus cable. This connection connects the sensors together with other sensors in the building and then connects to a simple bus power supply.


Ex-Or MLS Relay Sensor ConnectionEx-Or MLS DALI Sensor Connection






The MLS Network

This bus connection allows the sensors to talk to each other to share status information such as occupancy or light level status. Because each sensor is aware of the status of the other sensors in the network, it is very easy to program neighbouring zones or common areas (stairwells, lunch rooms , corridors etc.) to stay on when another part of the building is still occupied. Manual control for scene selection or global overrides are simple to add even to areas that don’t have sensors in them.

If for some reason the bus connection is disconnected or lost, all the sensors will continue to operate in standalone mode (i.e. control the load in its own area), providing reliability that other networked control systems simply can not match.


Ex-Or MLS Basic System Layout


Time Clock Functions & Scheduling

Scheduling can easily be added to the system either through simple everyday time clocks used as inputs on to the system or through more sophisticated software servers.

A common request for the use of scheduling and motion control is to have the lighting turned on during normal office hours, but change to motion control after hours, which is simple to achieve with this setup.


BMS, AV and other 3rd party integration

In commercial buildings it is often a requirement to interface with a number of third party systems. Adding AV control to a conference room,  interfacing to a security system for arm/disarm commands or even having full two way Bacnet monitoring from a BMS system are all easily achieved through a range of low and high level interface devices.


Programming the System

Programming for the Ex-Or MLS system is carried out with the simple hand held controller meaning no requirements for computers or specialist software. Simply configure the required parameters in the remote e.g. timeout period, light level, zones etc and point at the appropriate MLS device and download to the device and you are ready to go. Parameters can be copied between devices to speed up commissioning and you can even pull data out of sensors to quickly check their settings and provide analytics on their operation.

The hand held programmer can be left with the clients after completion so simple changes can be made by facility and maintenance staff and full training can be given to installers and end users so they can be completely self sufficient (no need to call out specialist programmers when you want to make a change).



Cost of the System

The cost of the Ex-Or MLS system is extremely cost effective. The Sensors cost no more than any good quality standalone motion sensor and because the system requires very little extra auxiliary devices to operate (only a bus power supply) it can provide similar functionality to a conventional networked lighting control system at a fraction of the cost.


Want More Info? 

For more information about the system please see our MLS page here or if you would like to see how the MLS system could be used on your project or perhaps you would like to be trained so MLS can be part of your offering please contact us.