DALI Adopted as Australia & New Zealand Standard!

Standards Australia have formally adopted in its entirety, the complete DALI Standard as published by the IEC (62386 parts 101 to 304). This standard encompasses the updated version of the standard (DALI-2) and makes DALI the only standard for lighting control systems in AU/NZ.

Part 104 of the standard also covers DALI wireless control, which we have already seen a number of announcements from manufacturers who will be releasing DALI wireless products in the very near future. This should bring some calm to a somewhat confused market among the many proprietary wireless systems currently being promoted.  

Where specifying or using lighting controls, using a system that complies with the local standards should always be the first priority. 

About DALI

DALI and the new DALI-2 Standard is an open protocol for lighting control, manufactures are free to manufacturer products to the standard and users can be assured of interoperability (DALI2) allowing mixing of different manufacturers products in the same system.

Unlike other systems, DALI does not lock manufacturers into using specific software for commissioning and does not use any proprietary or special cabling. Instead manufacturers are free to make software to suit their users needs, while also providing a point of difference and DALI cabling uses a standard 240v rated double insulated twin cable that can be found at most electrical wholesale outlets.

For more information on DALI and how to best implement it in your project please contact us.