Casambi Wireless Lighting Controls


Casambi a wireless lighting control system which utilises Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh technology as a form of communication between devices is a straight forward and simple solution providing users with a simple way to interact with the system through either smart phone/tablet control or through a range of accessories (switches, sensors etc).

Casambi themselves make the chip sets as well as develop the software/firmware for devices. Although they do make a small range of their own finished hardware (switches relays etc), the drive is to provide the chips to third party manufacturers to further develop hardware options and to really develop the overall system offering.

As part of Smartscape being a full lighting control solution provider, we have teamed up with a number of these third party manufacturers to bring you a range of Casambi devices which really open up the possibilities and viability of using the system on projects.   

Some of these key products we have add to our range:

Casambi DALI Module

Although having individual control of every fixture may be required on some projects, on most projects controlling the lighting in groups is more than adequate and in this instance it is significantly more cost effective. This module allows you to connect up to 60 standard DALI light fixtures to the one module and control them in a single group via the Casambi app or any of the other Casambi control devices (senors, switches etc). You can still dim these lights and set scenes based on different levels.


Casambi Switch Input module

Casambi Switch Input Device

It may be great to be able to operate your lighting from your smart phone or tablet, but it may not always be convenient to reach for your device when entering a room, so it is always advisable to still have a physical switch that a user can interact with.

This input device can be placed behind a switch plate and connected to up to 4 standard volt free switches to give easy access to recall groups, scenes, dim lights etc. You can also then choose the switches that best suit your decor rather than having to use a specific system switch. 

What projects should we use Casambi on?

In our opinion at this stage, Casambi should not be thought of as a full replacement for a fully programmable networked lighting control system, but it has some great possibilities in certain applications and with new products being added all the time it will continue to evolve and we are more than happy to discuss the possibilities and suitability with you for any potential project. Please contact us to discuss. 

To see more detail on the specific Casambi products that we are currently offering please visit our Casambi product page here. NOTE we are adding new products all the time and are currently updating some of these products so if something is not currently there please check back regularly.