Are you using DALI Certified Products?

DALI2 Switch

With DALI being the go to standard for smart lighting systems in the commercial world, are you actually specifying products for your projects that are certified to the latest DALI-2 standard, or even the DALI 1 standard for that matter?

DALI products have very strict specifications that must be met to ensure compatibility and therefore a correctly operating system. Products certified to the latest DALI standard (DALI-2), ensure not only have the products been tested to this latest standard, but also that their test results have been independently verified for compliance.

To ensure your projects operate as intended, all devices connected to the DALI network should be certified under this latest DALI standard. This includes the light fittings (power supplies/drivers) and any connected control system or control devices.

The DiiA (The governing body for DALI) has a full product database that list all certified products. You can search by various criteria including brand name and the results will show certification status for DALI(v1), DALI-2 and D4i. The results can be further expanded and you will be able to see what exact parts of the DALI standard each product supports.   

To search the product database click the DiiA logo below:

Digital illumination Interface Alliance